Nowear Bmx's Cornhuckit 2016 from NOWEAR on Vimeo.


Nowear BMX cornhuckit Jam 2015 "The Nowear Compound" from NOWEAR on Vimeo.

This year we took it up another notch! With the addition of "The World Biggest BMX Handlebars" you know a jam on those had to happen, which it did. Nic Bonner took home the Standard Byke Co. big handlebar trophy.


Also added were

The Tree Bicycle Co. "Best Trick on the Tree" -- Dan Nielsen took home the win with a topside double peg to downside whip.


Photo Credit: John Haase

The Liquid Courage Tattoo "Best Trick on the Pole Jam" -- Danny Marking won this with a stretched superman seatgrab off the pole jam.


Photo Credit: Tasha Lindemann

The mega jump saw even more use than ever with tricks like huge back flips, superman seatgrab to tuck, and bar-tuck-turndowns.


Photo Credit: Tasha Lindemann


The vibes were great, the food was awesome, and for the second year in a row The Killigans graced our back porch and jammed out along side countless BMX riders!


Nowear Cornhuckit Jam 2014 from NOWEAR on Vimeo.

The Nowear Compound in Unadilla Nebraska provides a riding area for training and jams for all BMXer's. This video is highlights of our 2014 Annual Cornhuckit Jam. This year we added an indoor park in the barn where a Standard Byke Company mini comp was held. Dave Buseman won the pro class and Jacob Thiem won the amateur. A Mega ramp was also a new addition to this years event and a few dudes put it to great use, Danimal Nielsen, Danny Marking and Brad Williams put on an amazing show! Outdoor session on the trails, street a mini ramp were intense as always. Great atmosphere with support from great vendors like Crave, Perfect high Five, Larson's Mudslingers bike shop, XS energy and more.


GREAT NEWS! Preorders on frames will open by end of June and the next run of frames is expected END OF SUMMER 2019!

The Nowear Compound is officially a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation as of Feb 17'

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