NOWEAR B.Y.O.B. "Bring Your Own Bike" BMX Freestyle 2016 Contest Series.

2016! Let's do this again! Nowear Extreme Rider Apparel is proud to present it's 3rd year of the BYOB contest series. The last several years some friends and I have been reminiscing about the good old days. Hoffman B.S. comps and various other mid West Jams like the P.I.T., Rampage and Scrap were legendary and we were all fortunate enough to have attended. Those were some of the best times in BMX for many! We wanted to give some of those same great memories and feelings to today's riders here in the Midwest. After our first year all I can say is Mission accomplished!

BMX at it's Grass Roots Baby! These jams are super fun, friendly and all located at backyard ramps. Camping is available at each event at no cost. Anyone needing rides or carpools please feel free to post on these event pages, or message me directly as I may be able to help organize some rides.

Thanks to so many great companies and riders the BYOB is a big success! Huge props to Rick and Jess at Standard, Sam at Tree, Brian at XS, Nate and Chris from PHV, Tony and Eric with Mudslingers. These guys are what helped us make 2014 & 2015 BYOBs happen!

Beginner 12 & Under 
beginner 13 & over
Pro (Cash class) 

Prizes from sponsors will be given for each class at each event, Pro class will be a cash payout $1000 for each event. $25 Entry per class $35 for Pro. Each contest you will earn points, at the end of the series, during the Nowear 2016 "Cornhuckit Jam" on August 6th, 2016 we will announce the series winners. Grand prizes and awards will be given out along with pictures posted on the Nowear website.

Last year 3 lucky winners earned a brand new Standard Byke frame.
Karl Hinkley for 1st place in the 30+ Class
Jaramiah Droescher for 1st Place in the Expert Class
Kian Sonthana for 1st Place in Intermediate Class
Many other great grand prizes were given to the Beginner classes as well.

Nowear will have a tent set up at each event, with a full line of clothes available. Larson's Mudslinger's will have a BMX shop set up at each event with parts available for those last minute needs. Other sponsor vendors will be set up as well including: Standard Byke Co, XS Energy, PHV, Tree Bicycle co and maybe more

*Helmets must be worn at each event for all ages and classes. Insurance waivers must be signed and we will provide a downloadable waiver shortly. If you are under age and attending events without a legal guardian, a parent and notary must sign a waiver prior and be brought to us at the event.

Series schedule:


Round 1: Saturday April 9th Chris Pickard's "Team Iowa" Gnar Barn:

9310 NE 94th Ave Boondurant, IA 
8am for open practice and contest will begin around noon


Round 2: Saturday May 14th Karl Hinkley's "Nowear Compound" will be hosting the 2nd contest located just outside Unadilla, NE 

Address: 855 N 18 Rd Unadilla, NE 68454
8am for open practice and contest will begin around noon


Round 3: Saturday June 4th Eric Cauuwe "Ecow Ramps"

207 West Market st Page, NE 68766 
8am for open practice and contest will begin around noon


Round 4: Saturday July 9th David McGinnis's "Wine Glass Ramps"

4402 Main New Albany, KS 66736
8am for open practice and contest will begin around noon


Thanks everyone and please spread the word so we can create as many awesome BMX memories as possible in 2016.

Anyone interested in becoming a sponsor or vender for the series please contact Karl at 402-875-3344 or message us directly!

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1st-Danimal Nielson 2nd-Timmy Ray 3rd-Anthony Parrilli 4th-Jacob Theim


1st-Karl Hinkley 2nd-Mike Porter 3rd-Chris Pickard (NOT PICTURED) 4th-Zach Johnsrud


1st-Jaramiah Droescher 2nd-Riley Sims 3rd-Noah Sorenson 4th-Damian Clark (NOT PICTURED)


1st-Kian Sonthana 2nd-Jess Grinager 3rd-Troy Hawes 4th-Noah Oliver (NOT PICTURED)


1st-Paxton Joliff 2nd-Zack Neal (NOT PICURED) 3rd-Dylan Issacson 4th-Corbin Wobig


1st-Jonathan Wille 2nd-Dylan McGinnis 3rd-Raima Hinkley 4th-Enzo Klemm


Nowear BMX 2015 Sponsor shout out video from NOWEAR on Vimeo.

Nowear BYOB Round 3 "E-Cow Ramps" 2015 from NOWEAR on Vimeo.


Nowear Bmx Byob Round 2 Extras from NOWEAR on Vimeo.


Nowear BYOB Round 2 2015 "The Nowear Compound" from NOWEAR on Vimeo.


Nowear Byob Round One 2015 from NOWEAR on Vimeo.

B.Y.O.B. Contest Round 1 | Gnar Barn from NOWEAR on Vimeo.




Nowear BYOB "Bring Your Own Bike" Round 3 "The Wine Glass Ramps" from NOWEAR on Vimeo.


Nowear BYOB "Bring Your Own Bike" Round 2 highlights video from NOWEAR on Vimeo.


Nowear BYOB "Bring Your Own Bike" Round 1 highlights video from NOWEAR on Vimeo.





GREAT NEWS! Preorders on frames will open by end of June and the next run of frames is expected END OF SUMMER 2019!

The Nowear Compound is officially a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation as of Feb 17'

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